SEC targets misleading CEO pay-for-performance

The inconsistent measures that companies use to disclose CEO pay is the newest battleground in executive compensation. As the SEC works on a rule to require pay-for-performance reports, it also plans to end the wide latitude enjoyed by firms when they compute the numbers.

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Citizens Energy quizzed on exec pay levels

Citizens Energy Group has enjoyed a certain amount of public good will over the last 125 years as a not-for-profit, charitable trust. But rising incentive pay to the trust’s top brass recently has conjured up images of an investor-owned utility—and the scrutiny of regulators.

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Marsh to call former CEO as first witness

The lead lawyer for Marsh Supermarkets Inc. expects to call Don Marsh as its first witness when the civil trial against him reconvenes Tuesday. The grocery chain alleges that the former CEO used company funds to pay more than $3 million in personal expenses.

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