VC firm raises $116M for second fund after knocking first one out of park

Thanks to hefty 35-percent gross returns on its $60 million first fund, locally based Centerfield Capital Partners LP has
raised nearly twice as much for its second. This month, the venture capital firm closed on $116 million from a variety of
investors. As before, Centerfield’s 50 limited partners include major Hoosier institutions. But this time, numerous big banks,
insurance companies and pension funds from outside state lines were also investors.

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Carmel firm to determine Vonnegut’s worth

Many readers would call the Indiana literary legend Kurt Vonnegut’s legacy priceless. Not Mike Pellegrino. His job is to estimate
future sales of Vonnegut’s work so his estate can be fairly divided today. That means Pellegrino will have to determine whether
the author’s popularity is more likely to wax or to wane in the years to come.

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