MARCUS: Hoosiers hear gospel of gambling

Gamblers wagered nearly $30 billion in 13 Indiana
casinos last year. Now, fellow taxpayers, if I understand these numbers, 91 percent of these dollars were returned as winnings and an additional $876 million (3 percent) went to our state and local
governments for our benefit.

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Newly opened racinos already face credit crunch

Clear signs emerged in 2009 that the Hoosier gambling market is oversaturated.
Major credit rating agencies expressed concerns that several casinos, including the state’s new horse track “racinos”
on the outskirts of Indianapolis, might go bust before the year was finished.

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EDITORIAL: State can’t rely on gambling revenue

State and, to some extent, local government
has come to rely on gambling revenue. And now that neighboring states are launching a competitive
assault on Indiana casinos, it’s time to get back to the original intent before the revenue shrivels and leaves necessary
government services high and dry.

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