IU to offer degree in fund raising

Most fund-raisers stumble into the profession, but within a decade the field could be populated by recent college graduates
who hold degrees in philanthropic studies.The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University soon will roll out a bachelor’s
degree that would be among the first of its kind. If all goes as planned, IUPUI would begin marketing the degree, granted
by the School of Liberal Arts, for the fall of 2010.

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IU striving to keep tuition affordable

Your Dec. 8 editorial, "State flunking affordability test," quotes liberally from the National Center for Public
Policy and
Higher Education’s recent report, which concludes that 49 of 50 states—including Indiana—deserve an "F"
for their
efforts. Unfortunately, this grade is based on an analysis that dramatically overstates college costs in Indiana—or at
those costs incurred by Hoosiers attending Indiana University.

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