A beachhead in Warsaw

The launch of the orthopedics not-for-profit OrthoWorx is quite an accomplishment in Warsaw, where some of the world’s
biggest companies fight tooth-and-nail.

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United Way turns to the rich

The wealthy in the Indianapolis area arenâ??t carrying their weight in supporting United Way of Central Indiana,
according to an analysis by the not-for-profit    comparing places including Cincinnati, Milwaukee and Columbus,

The Indianapolis chapter has 22 â??principalâ?? donors, defined as…

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Myrland on the chamber, church

Thereâ??s nothing like a little time away from a job to refine oneâ??s perspective. Which makes John Myrlandâ??s
distance from the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce all the more interesting.

Myrland, 58, resigned as president of the chamber at the end of 2005…

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The recession hits churches

Churches, which tend to ride out recessions better than many other institutions, are struggling to finish
building projects, reporter Kathleen McLaughlin writes in this weekendâ??s IBJ.

The recession and stock market downturn have forced parishioners to scale back commitments,…

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United Way CEO: merge nonprofits

As the economy slows and money gets scarce, banks arenâ??t the only organizations that should consider merging.

Thatâ??s how United Way of Central Indiana CEO Ellen Annala sees the landscape.

The Indianapolis area has a whopping 16,000 not-for-profits, she says, one for…

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Habitat builds through tough times

The down economy hasnâ??t exactly been a gift to not-for-profits, but at least one is actually doing better.
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis plans to build 22 houses this year, a couple of units more
than last year.
With dollar donations…

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Valuing the FFA convention

The National FFA put out a release today saying its national convention in Indianapolis in October created
a $40 million impact. Lump out suppliers from outside the area, and the local impact amounted to $34.5 million.

Global Insight Inc., a respected…

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Contrasting United Way, Wheeler

Businesses and their employees opened pockets last year to enable United Way of Central Indiana to hit a
record $39 million in contributions.

The not-for-profit attributed the good news to hustle by campaign co-chairmen who offered money from their…

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Fear grips donors to charity

Wheeler Mission Ministries broke the unsettling news yesterday that it is laying off 13 staff and shifting
its ministries for youth and families to another charity in order to minimize an anticipated operating deficit.

Why? Donors are worried about…

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Amendment for houses of worship

State Sen. Pat Miller says sheâ??s looking to the future by proposing a constitutional amendment that would
protect churches and other houses of worship from someday being taxed.

Itâ??s not a â??crisis today,â?? but could become a problem in the future…

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