IBJ Podcast: Deciphering 5G and the new Indiana 5G Zone

Host Mason King talks with Bill Soards, president of AT&T Indiana, and Sean Hendrix, who is the director of emerging technologies and partnerships for Purdue Research Foundation, about why 5G matters and how it could be used in the manufacturing, agricultural and other sectors.

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IBJ Podcast: The top Indianapolis-area stories of 2019

Podcast host Mason King talks with IBJ Managing Editor Lesley Weidenbener and reporter Anthony Schoettle about Penske Corp.’s acquisition of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Eli Lilly and Co.’s biggest acquisition ever, trucking giant Celadon’s demise, Ambrose’s decision to pull back from the GM stamping plant site and more.

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IBJ Podcast: The demise of a trucking giant

In the years after Celadon Group’s co-founder and longtime leader, Stephen Russell, retired and then died, the company went in new directions that led to financial problems and accusations of fraud. Podcast host Mason King talks with IBJ Editor Greg Andrews and reporter Susan Orr about Celadon’s rise and fall as well as what role the fraud allegations played in its demise.

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