Bye-bye, billable hour?

A staple of professional services, the billable hour, is beginning to erode. Law firms increasingly are being
asked to shoot a set price for a specific service, and now the movement is spreading to advertising, as
Coca-Cola announced…

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Measuring your performance

From the beginning of time, engineering and the hard sciences have been held to account by laws of nature
because results of faulty reasoning are obvious. Heavy airplanes wonâ??t leave the ground, patients given the
wrong drug die.

In recent decades…

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Preparing for the turnaround

In his conversations with business owners and CEOs, Carmel consultant Bud Roth sees attitudes about the recession
changing, but not changing enough.

Many leaders have figured out whether or not their organizations will survive, says Roth, who was vice president

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Katz Sapper’s embarrassment

Yesterdayâ??s disclosure by KSM Capital Advisors that its clients might be out $15 million from the alleged
Madoff scandal probably wonâ??t be the last local fallout. At minimum, it has been a stressful and embarrassing
time for a…

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Legal news keeps coming

Law firm mergers keep making news. IBJ Scott Olson reported this morning that Ice Miller is about to join
with Greenebaum Doll & McDonald in Louisville. In May, Sommer Barnard was absorbed by Taft Stettinius

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Headhunter: Market not so bad

A corporate recruiter says employers in Indianapolis arenâ??t acting like their counterparts elsewhere in the
country, if headlines are to be believed.

The employment market here has stayed fairly resilient, says Steve Mattei, a partner in Pinnacle Partners

Pinnacle specializes in…

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Cheering up the real estate crowd

Imagine being asked to speak to a crowd hit by the biggest downturn in its industry in decades, and motivate
them to get back out there and keep selling. Or try to sell.

Thatâ??s what Dan Lappin faces when he speaks…

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Taxing lawyers, docs, Realtors

Your lawyer probably isnâ??t complaining. Neither would your doctor, Realtor or accountant.

In all the talk about reforming property taxes, hardly a word has been said about shifting some of the
property tax burden to services.

That means some of the most…

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