Arts Council CEO out. What’s next?

As the Arts Council of Indianapolis begins searching for a new CEO to replace outgoing Greg Charleston (See IBJ’s story here), the obvious question is: What are we looking for?

What should be the role of the Arts Council’s CEO…

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Monumental arts mobilization

I’m guessing that many of you have already seen the e-mail that is being circulated prodding you to join a rally on Monument Circle April 20 designed to “increase awareness of the importance of the arts to the local economy…

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Timberlake fiasco at Indiana Live!

3/17 update: Barbara Coles of Coles Marketing Communications announced this afternoon that she is terminating her company’s relationship with Indiana Live! Casino. For more details, click here.

Update: For more on the story, click here.

Replying to a request for…

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‘Arts Day’ at the State House

Arts advocates are used to having trouble getting attention. But today’s Arts Day at the Indiana State House is being double teamed by a downtown fire and the Big 10 tournament. (The fire already bumped my Fox 59 weekend A&E preview segment off…

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How the recession is hitting artists

Here’s some of the info pulled from the National Endowment for the Arts study, released yesterday, titled “Artists in a Year of Recession: Impact on Jobs in 2008.” For the full document, click here.

— “The artist unemployment rate grew…

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What if you ran the NEA?

An interesting piece in the LA Times asks a range of high-profile folks (including, at the extremes, Bill Maher and Ann Coulter) what they would do if they ran the NEA.

Some interesting thoughts (Warning: If you click on the story,…

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Video: Arts funding roundtable

Got a little time? And some interest in the future of the arts in Indianapolis?

Sit back and watch IBJ’s arts funding roundtable. Your thoughts, of course, are most welcome. 

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”250″ width=”306″ /]

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Arts roundtable: funding

Last week, we at IBJ gathered a panel of local arts professionals to discuss funding issues. A story about that insightful talk will appear in the upcoming print IBJ while a video will appear on line. I’ll give you more…

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Should libraries charge?

Should libraries be charging for the hottest materials?

The Dallas Public Library thinks so. It’s slapped a $5 surcharge on a short list of bestsellers and new-release DVDs. You can find more details here.

A slippery slope or a smart move?


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Chicago: Weathering the arts storm

I know I’m not alone among Indianapolis arts lover in taking occassional trips to Chicago for a change-of-venue cultural fix. So I like to keep an eye on the news up there.

Well, the Chicago Tribune recently reported on some…

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Good news for the arts?

Last night, on my way to the Phoenix Theatre to see “Love Person,” I called and discovered that the play was sold out. And I hadn’t made a reservation.

On the one hand, I’m frustated that I didn’t get to the show…

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Your arts resolutions

Have I ever asked anything of you, loyal readers?

Well, now I am. And it’s pretty simple.

Resolve right now to attend at least one more arts event in 2009 than you did in 2008. Resolve to do more if you feel…

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The art of ‘Friending’ on Facebook

I’ve recently joined the Facebook revolution. Yes, I know, I’m late in this, but I also didn’t start watching “L.A. Law” until the third season and still haven’t seen “Mad Men,” so I’m not always an early adaptor.

I signed on to Facebook,…

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Indianapolis Star arts coverage

In Sunday’s Indianapolis Star, editor Dennis Ryerson commented on staff departures, announcing that “Talk of the Town,” Susan Guyett’s former column, will continue with another TBA writer. And that Jay Harvey will take over arts reviewing. See the story

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Dark day for Indy arts media

It’s a sad day for Indianapolis media and for the arts as massive layoffs gut the Indianapolis Star.

Whitney Smith: gone.

Chris Lloyd: gone.

Susan Guyett: gone.

Abe Aamidor: gone. 

My thoughts and best wishes go out to these and other talented former Star writers, editors…

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Lou’s arts thank-you list

A few things I’m thankful for:

–I’m thankful that there’s plenty of material to write about in this blog. And that it has found a loyal readership (between 350 and 900 hits a day).

–I’m thankful for the smart, insightful, fun responses…

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Success and Malcolm Gladwell

One of the biggest sociological buzz books in recent years was Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point,” in which the journalist looked at the root causes of popularity–what are the circumstances that lead to a sudden skyrocketing of awareness

His next book,…

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Bible tour: For better or verse?

Zondervan, one of the world’s leading publishers of Bibles, announced that it will be printing a hand-written version, with more than 31,000 Americans performing the penmanship. It’s being called Bible Across America and, yes, there’s an RV involved. You can find the…

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In Cleveland, a critical clash

Classical music fans, musicians, critics and administrators around the country are taking sides in a battle that’s been raging in Cleveland.

The situtation: After years of blasting Cleveland Orchestra music director Franz Welser-Most, Cleveland Plain Dealer music critic Donald Rosenberg has…

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Cultural void at the debates

Check out this smart Los Angeles Times piece about the “well, duh” observation that culture won’t be a subject for any question during the Presidential debates.

“If I were moderating tonight’s TV debate,” writes Times art critic Christopher Knight, “…

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