"Hair of the Dog" and more

December 29, 2009

Jan. 1
Harrison Center for the Arts

    For the first First Friday of the decade (depending on how you are counting), the Harrison Center for the Arts offers its usual/unusual mixed bag. The main exhibition, “Hair of the Dog,” features the work of artist Quincy Owens. Learn more about the artist here: http://www.indyarts.org/meetindyartists.aspx?ty=key&lr=Quincy%20Owens&id=6506.
But, in true Harrison Center fashion, that’s not all. The Heartland Film Festival will be screening some of its Crystal Heart Award-winning shorts, including “Jitensha (Bicycle) and “Validation,” while, in the gymnasium, bicycle polo will be played. Works by Herron High School students will also be on display. Details here.