Concert review was right on

January 23, 2010

Since I can’t summarize this exciting four-plus-hour [Hoosier Dylan] concert nearly as well as [the Jan. 18 Lou’s Views column], I will merely agree with you verbatim on your precise review—including your disappointment with Indiana’s poet laureate (Who knew we had one?), Norbert Krapf. I am a poetry reader and occasional writer, so I do enjoy the genre.

Krapf was almost unendurable, from his nonsensical phrases to his irritating cadence. I am a great admirer of Tim Grimm’s ability to organize diverse and talented groups, including Wilderness Plots. Tim needs to leave Norbert out of future performances.

By the way, I only learned about this extraordinary offering through your e-mail A&E notices—so thanks for keeping me from missing out.


Sharon M. Wardrip

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