More mobility options mean opportunity

February 20, 2010

The Central Indiana Transit Task Force unveiled a comprehensive plan for mass transit. It’s a combination of expanded bus service and light rail that addresses the challenges of urban residents seeking job opportunities across the metro areas.

Downtown Indianapolis is thriving. But for the average job-seeker, there are more opportunities around the Interstate 465 loop than in Center Township.

This leaves the family without dependable transportation, or those with one car who need two incomes, in a pretty tough situation, especially given the state of the IndyGo system, woefully underfunded and largely restricted to Marion County.

Invariably this leads to inconvenient routes and long wait times for riders. At FedEx, we need workers all day and all night. It’s a 2-1/2 hour journey for someone trying to get from 34th Street and Moller Road for our 11 p.m. shift—but it’s even worse trying to get home, since bus service doesn’t start until 5 the next morning.

For employers, this system forecloses on far too many qualified applicants who may simply live on the wrong side of town.

This has to change.


Robert Palmer
Vice president, FedEx–Indianapolis
Co-chairman, Central Indiana Transit Task Force

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