LEADING QUESTIONS Not-for-profit prez: 'Take a breath'

July 14, 2010

Welcome to the latest installment of  “Leading Questions: Wisdom from the Corner Office,” where IBJ sits down with one of central Indiana’s top bosses to talk shop about their industry and the habits that lead to success.

Keira Amstutz, 41, took the helm of the Indiana Humanities Council in April 2008, armed with years of experience as an attorney and the director of cultural development for the city of Indianapolis. In no time flat, the economy took a nosedive and the prospects for fundraising darkened.

In the video below, Amstutz discusses how the organization approached the challenge and reveals an almost counterintuitive tip for making a fundraising pitch.

The Council's somewhat esoteric mission is to develop programs and encourage discussion about Indiana culture in the context of history, politics, the arts, agriculture and other areas vital to Hoosier life. True to this thoughtful objective, Amstutz in the video below shares advice on a number of topics—including finding balance and avoiding overthinking—that could be boiled down to "take a breath."



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