City revokes four cab companies' licenses

November 5, 2010

The Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement said Friday it denied the license-renewal applications of four taxi companies that collectively operate 32 cabs.

The department denied the licenses because the companies failed to comply with several requirements of city code. Violations included failure to maintain a dispatch log, failure to maintain a dispatch facility and failed body or mechanical inspections.  

Companies prevented from operating are Indy Star, Indy Flyer, AAA Best and Ameritaxi.

“These license denials illustrate how DCE uses business licensing as a means to deter illegal behaviors that impact the quality of life in the city,” DCE Director Rick Powers said in a prepared statement.

DCE will work with companies that have corrected licensing issues to bring them into compliance and to restore their licenses, Powers said.

In August, DCE denied the license applications of seven taxi companies that collectively operated about 160 cabs.


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