Approach Xscape with an open mind

February 9, 2009

I appreciate Lou Harry's [Jan. 26] piece on Xscape, not because I agree or disagree, but because he fulfilled a crucial role of a journalist, uncovering a truth that challenged a prejudice.

I know that sounds a little heavy for a response to a review, but I just came back from "To Kill a Mockingbird" at Indiana Repertory Theatre, what can I say? As a former full-time journalist, I am reminded that often the articles that affect our lives are not just found above the fold on page one.

His article drew my attention because I am heading to Xscape this Sunday with my 5-year-old, not because I wanted to (prejudiced by the outside view as I fly by on Interstate 65) but because he was invited there. Thanks to Lou, I will now be going with an open mind. I need to know your secret, however, on how you got three hours out of your Xscape card—outstanding!

Mike Magan

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