New law prohibits disposing of electronic gadgets in household trash

January 1, 2011

Thanks to one of those little-known laws that made its way through the last session of the Indiana General Assembly, Hoosiers had better not throw electronic gadgets in the household trash.

Turns out you’re not just an evil-doer in the eyes of environmentalists, you’re also breaking state law. The law applies to households, schools and small businesses.

However, there isn’t a penalty prescribed should a neighbor rat you out for your environmental transgression.

The new law, effective Jan. 1, aims to keep electronic items and the hazardous materials they contain out of landfills. The fear is that those chemicals—lead and mercury—will eventually leach into groundwater or become airborne if incinerated.

Marion County residents may dispose of unwanted electronics, such as cell phones, televisions and computer monitors, at the city’s “ToxDrop” locations: 2700 S. Belmont Ave., 9049 E. 10th St., 4925 S. Shelby St. and 7550 N. Lafayette Road. The centers’ hours of operation are listed at www.sustainindy.org.


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