Dance Kaleidoscope’s “The Body Electric”

May 18, 2011

May 19-22

Indiana Repertory Theatre

Dance Kaleidoscope closes out its season with an interesting mixed bag, starting with a restaging of its 2008 piece “In the Moog,” set to cuts from the synthesized disc “Switch on Bach.” Next up, a new piece, “Electric Counterpoint,” with music from Steve Reich, played by Pat Metheny. The show closes with its strongest selling point: The pairing of DK with electric violinist Cathy Morris on the 1999 piece “Skin Walkers.”

Oh, and take a few minutes and click here to read Walt Whitman’s poem “I Sing the Body Electric.” You should finish it with a greater appreciation of the work done by the DK dancers—and might even end up with a better self-image. More info on the show here