Michael McDonald/Boz Scaggs

July 11, 2011

July 17


There is a good chance that Boz Scaggs has recorded a lot of great music since his 1976 “Silk Degrees” album. But I’m not going to pretend I know much about that beyond “Breakdown Dead Ahead” and “Jojo.”

 Like many in my generation, “Silk Degrees” –recorded with the guys who would later form Toto--was an anchoring disc in my initial stack of discs from the Columbia Record and Tape Club. With a parade of hits, including “Lido Shuffle,” “What Can I Say,” and “We’re All Alone,” the album nearly wore out on the turntable.

Scaggs comes to the Palladium this week with Michael McDonald, whose career spans backup work for Steely Dan, unmistakable lead singing for The Doobie Brothers, and a solo career as both a singer and songwriter. Details on the show here.