The silly promises of collectivism

October 15, 2011

With all due respect Terri Jett [Oct. 10 Forefront], your party’s history of promises about the government giving people things they can’t provide for themselves—more income, better health care, advanced education, cheaper mortgages and an overall “shiny, happy life” have been made time and again throughout history by speakers much more eloquent than our made-for-TV version of Karl Marx, Barack Obama.

Promising something to people that they don’t already have is a logical absurdity: Governments cannot deliver benefits to the people that the people cannot deliver to themselves.

We’re not intent on “suppressing” anyone. I would much rather see a vibrant, diligent, success-hungry population striving to be the best it can be.

Sadly, your party’s policies of the last 65 years have removed that incentive from so many and relegated them to a lifetime of dependence on others. Perhaps before you start throwing around statements that our dissent “oppresses those who are already struggling,” you should study history and comprehend the ramifications of a lifetime of failed, collectivist ideology and income redistribution. It didn’t work for Marx, it didn’t work for Lenin, it doesn’t work in Cuba or Venezuela and it’s not working in the United States.


Jim Kennedy

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