Bloomington touting tech jobs

February 11, 2012

Indianapolis-based TechPoint has been busy promoting the state’s information technology industry, but that hasn’t stopped some cities in Indiana from looking out for their own interests.

The Bloomington Technology Partnership is expanding its offerings, launching a social media and talent attraction portal to help IT firms there fill jobs. It’s available at http://bloomingtontech.com.

“To compete with other tech centers for top talent, we need to reveal the career opportunities, interesting companies and vital social communities that welcome and nurture technologists in Bloomington,” said Jim McKean, a partner of Career Investments LLC, which created the Web portal concept for Bloomington.

The project was partly funded by the city of Bloomington.

Besides job postings, the portal includes profiles of Bloomington-area technology firms and news of what’s happening in the local tech sector.

Much of the public hand-wringing over competition for tech talent has been in the context of Indiana college grads leaving Indiana for more promising tech centers on the East and West coasts. Less is spoken about the competition for tech talent within Hoosierland.


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