Why don't Bush bashers disgust you?

July 13, 2009

Is there a reason why all of the sudden you choose to be disgusted with disrespect for a president [in a July 6 Chris Katterjohn column]? You either were not listening or chose to ignore the horrible behavior of not just the media but ordinary people while George W. Bush was president.

Some of the things I heard regularly from ordinary citizens in many public places, gatherings, events, etc. were things that displayed behavior that many would be embarrassed to show their children. Much of it was downright mean and dispirited. Why all of the sudden is a table of snickerers at the Tut dinner a bother to you?

I do not necessarily condone what those people did or what the Bush bashers have (and some still are) doing, but I would also point out that bashing the president is a time-honored tradition in the United States going all the way back to George Washington himself and honed to a fine point by the Jefferson/Adams exchanges. So my only beef with you is that your “disgust” seems to be selective. Parochialism? I don’t think so.

Jim Alerding

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