City government should shop locally

December 22, 2008
This letter is in response to [Bruce Hetrick's Dec. 8 column] warning local consumers about buying online products, because more often than not, the money leaves town. I find this interesting, given the fact that our city government just purchased 85 new Toyotas, made in Kentucky, and the money ultimately leaves not only town, but the country.

They could have bought the Chevrolet Malibu, which has its parts and components built in the United States. Furthermore, major parts come from Bedford and Indianapolis plants. How much has that plant in Indy paid this city in taxes over the years?

The point is, there is no loyalty to America or Hometown America, not even by the people who are running our city. I only buy Chevrolet cars and trucks, and have never had the first problem. I am outraged that my taxes are helping to buy 85 Japanese cars, and going out of town and out of the country. It sickens me.

Good luck getting people to buy from local vendors or manufacturers. Most people don't care what happens to local businesses, as long as it's easier for them. Consumers are only following the example set by their local government.


Joe Commorato
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