Thanks for column on smoking law

December 22, 2008
Thank you for taking time to write an amazing [Maurer column in the Dec. 15] IBJ on smoke-free air. Your editorial and others written by IBJ staff will help influence local policymakers to pass a comprehensive smoke-free-air law in Indianapolis and Indiana.

Smoke Free Indy is very grateful to have yours and IBJ's support as we work to make all of Indianapolis smokefree. Hopefully some day soon a smokefree city will be a reality.


Liza Sumpter
Smoke Free Indy

I appreciated the [column] on protecting our citizens in the workplace. The incontrovertible research on secondhand smoking reflects an unseen killer that aggresses workers' well-being while being captive on an eight-hour work shift. The articulate remarks from [Mickey] Maurer left no question it is time to join other states if we are to become a world-class city.

Though I generally oppose Big-Brother intervention, if employers cannot voluntarily protect citizen-workers, then let the government do its job to ensure our right to life, liberty and the pursuit, in that order. Last I checked, these were embedded in our founding documents!


Paul Wheeler
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