Heated words don't help

August 24, 2013

In response to Sheila Suess Kennedy’s op-ed “Detroit reflects our moral bankruptcy,” I can’t say I’m shocked by her predictable position supporting liberal policy to cure all ills.

What I am disappointed about is that she essentially calls people mean-spirited and short-sighted if they don’t subscribe to the same set of solutions she believes in. Does anyone truly believe that those who have a different solution for health care or immigration really want to “leave 50 million Americans without access to health care” or “can’t even find compassion for children brought to America by their parents”?

These types of comments are inflammatory and quite frankly distract us all from real, in-depth discussions about the issues.

Perhaps she should try to understand that her fellow Americans can have different opinions on certain issues and not resort to derogatory, demeaning remarks about the intentions of the other side.


Adam J. Basch

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