Let market successes dictate energy sources

October 19, 2013

I was disheartened to see Zach Adamson’s [Sept. 30] Viewpoint that naively believes we can replace the Harding Street Indianapolis Power & Light Co. plant with renewable energy sources.

Ethanol production has been a disaster, and wind and solar will never go past the peaking stage as a minor contributor to our energy grid. The low-cost energy coming from IPL plants keeps our jobs secure and our homes provided with a dependable power grid.

His ideas would reduce us to a Third World living standard.

We should build more coal-fired plants, and allow free-market success stories like fracking technology and pipelines to achieve our energy independence. It’s time to squash the war against energy and economic freedom, which Democrats perpetuate.

Breathe easy Indiana. We have clean air to enjoy now, so let’s not allow an ignorant policy of environmental extremism to cause a stink!

Steve Frazer

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