Hathaway should see the rest of Indiana

November 15, 2014

I read Anne Hathaway’s [Nov. 10] opinion piece disputing studies (and there has not been only one, as she suggests) that show Indiana’s women are doing poorly compared to their sisters nationwide. Hathaway cites Angie Hicks, Julia Carson (who is surely turning in her grave at the invocation), and various female politicians.

Yet, Hathaway never actually tells us why those studies indict our state.

As an entire state, women earn only 74 cents for every dollar in male earnings. There is little to no day care or preschool. Fewer than 25 percent of women have completed a bachelor’s degree.

And despite the outbreak of successful female political candidates, only about 20 percent of our Legislature is female. Twenty percent of Hoosier women live in poverty, which puts us in the lofty company of Alabama and Georgia.

Around here the female elites are doing quite nicely, it seems. The rest, not so much.

Tim Altom

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