Wind turbine maker paying back county after missing hiring goals

December 12, 2016

A company is scheduled to pay more than $800,000 to a central Indiana county for failing to create jobs building wind turbine parts.

The payment from Brevini Wind follows a $375,000 payment to Delaware County in 2015 for missing employment goals, the Star Press reported.

Brad Bookout, the county's economic development officer, said the exact amount of the payment, and whether it will be the last one paid, will be determined after Brevini reports its latest employment and capital investment numbers to the county.

The Italian company planned to create 450 jobs when plans for its Muncie factory were announced in 2008, but with the recession and declining growth in the wind power industry, the company never employed more than about 60 and has fewer workers than that now.

Brevini, which moved its headquarters from Illinois to Indiana before opening the factory, invested more than $10 million in real estate and another $26 million in equipment for its two-building complex.

Delaware County issued $2.2 million in bonds to help the company in 2008 and spent $5 million on an unused rail spur designed to handle huge gearboxes.


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