LETTER: VA should respect forest, pick new spot for cemetery

January 21, 2017

Why does it appear that the Veterans Administration is just being mean-spirited about having to use this exact location for its cemetery [Judge denies injunction to block VA’s Crown Hill cemetery project, IBJ.com, Jan. 14]?

There are other nice areas nearby that would not cost the taxpayers the money for old-growth tree removal, nor cause the VA the Anegative publicity. Going so far as to simply not recognize an alternative deal where money is being offered is just suspicious.

My grandfathers and my dad are veterans, and each of them taught me to love the Indiana outdoors. Pop shakes his head in disappointment regarding the VA’s stance here, and my grandfathers would be upset too.

Hopefully the VA will do the right thing. Our veterans serve to protect us and the beautiful places in our country as well.

Aaron Carrico

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