Snyder: Keep people ‘bonded’ to community

March 25, 2017
(IBJ photo/Eric Learned)

Then: Browning Investments Inc. vice president and general counsel

Now: HKW Inc. partner

Age: 57

A year after Jim Snyder was named to Forty Under 40, he moved to the private-equity firm HKW for a chance to reunite with its president, Glenn Scolnik, with whom he’d worked at the law firm Sommer Barnard PC.

“I really wanted to try to get into private equity,” Snyder said. “I’m not sure I exactly understood what it was at the time—I’m not sure anyone else did, either—but to buy small businesses and to be an investor and help grow the businesses I thought was an interesting opportunity.”

Snyder spent the next 15 years in transactions before transitioning to investor relations, where he deals with investors, lenders and limited partners.

Snyder spent the early part of his career in city government, and he remains a big supporter of Indianapolis—and Forty Under 40. “It recognizes budding young people in the community, and I think that’s important to keep people bonded to the community and, hopefully, wanting to stay.”•

—Marc D. Allan

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