Halting cold beer sales at Ricker's trickier than expected

March 30, 2017

A top Indiana Republican is suggesting the Legislature may not be able to stop the convenience store chain Ricker's from selling cold beer before the end of session.

The Indiana-based chain began selling cold beer for on-site consumption and takeout at two locations earlier this month, generating protests from lawmakers. Indiana has long reserved carryout cold beer sales for liquor stores.

GOP Senate leader David Long now says it's harder to stop the sales than initially anticipated.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said Thursday that lawmakers may be forced to allow the chain's cold beer sales to continue for a while but wants to work on closing the loophole.

Both called for a summer study committee to take another look at what Bosma calls the state's "antiquated, outdated" beverage laws.

An Indiana Senate panel on Wednesday advanced legislation intended to get rid of the loophole, but opponents argued the change, as written, would come with unintended consequences because it would also affect golf courses, movie theaters and bowling alleys that sell cold beer.



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