Roche brings Wong back to city

April 15, 2017

Vince Wong never imagined spending 14 years with one company. But since joining Roche in 2003, he’s had chances to advance and expand his responsibilities every two to three years.

“The opportunity to move within different parts of the organization means it’s always remained fresh for me,” he said. “It’s been a real privilege to continue to be exposed to new businesses and new markets and continue to stretch myself.”

Wong started at Roche as global development business manager, then moved to its U.S. diabetes-care organization. Around the same time, Roche purchased a Tucson, Arizona, company called Ventana Medical Systems, and two years later, in late 2010, Wong moved west to serve as senior director of strategic planning “and help move them into the Roche ecosystem.”

He stayed at Ventana—and in Tucson—to head up global marketing for its primary staining business segment, managing two product franchises and leading the global launch for a cancer diagnostic platform that “helps change the standard of care for testing cancer patients.”

wong-vincent-mug.jpg Wong

In April 2016, Wong, who grew up in Indianapolis, was asked to return home to handle strategic planning, business development, and corporate marketing and communications for Roche. He hadn’t planned to come back, but with parents in their 80s and young children at home, “it felt like a great opportunity both from a professional and a personal perspective.”

Now 16 years removed from Forty Under 40, he said he’s happy with the way his career has unfolded.

“I didn’t necessarily have a master plan,” he said. “It was a function of doing the job I had well and cultivating my key stakeholders and demonstrating impact in each of my roles that led to new opportunities.”•

—Marc D. Allan



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