Skjodt took radio break—but came back

April 15, 2017

Then: WGLD-FM station manager & vice president

Now: Entercom Communications vice president/market manager

Age: 54

Jennifer Skjodt is about to change demographic groups—she was 25-54, and this year she’ll join the 55-plus—but she’s as passionate as ever about radio.

When she was named Forty Under 40, Skjodt had already spent 17 years at Susquehanna Radio Corp., whose stations included WFMS-FM and WGLD-FM. After Susquehanna was sold and she was asked to leave in 2007, Skjodt spent nearly two years away from the industry. Then the opportunity came up at Entercom, whose stations include WZPL-FM 99.5, WNTR-FM 107.9 and WXNT-AM 1430. She was glad to come back.

“Almost eight years later,” she said, “what we have here is a lot of what I had at Susquehanna—an incredibly talented group of people who are passionate about the work they do and strive to do excellent work. It’s still a lot of fun and we really like what we’re doing.”•

—Marc D. Allan


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