Indianapolis utility could buy Lake Monroe water

August 26, 2009

Indianapolis Power & Light Co. has agreed to a 20-year contract with a state agency to potentially draw millions of gallons of water from southern Indiana's Lake Monroe.

The utility's request is a contingency plan in case it needs extra water to cool its generating plant near Petersburg. The contract would allow IPL to request the release of water from the lake, which would follow the White River to the plant.

The Herald-Times of Bloomington reports the contract with the state Natural Resources Commission still needs Gov. Mitch Daniels' approval to take effect.

The company had a similar contract with the state from 1980 to 2005, during which time it used water from Lake Monroe only once.

Daniels in 2006 nipped a proposal by former Indianapolis City-County Council President Beurt SerVaas to build a water pipeline from Monroe to Indianapolis as insurance against drought. SerVaas wanted the pipeline to be expedited by a private not-for-profit involving Indianapolis, the state and his pipeline company, Aquavisions.

The project caused an uproar among officials in Bloomington, which draws water from the nearby reservoir.


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