Graduation rates for NCAA athletes reach new high

November 14, 2018

Graduation rates for NCAA athletes have reached a record high of 88 percent, according to data released by Indianapolis-based college sports governing body.

Graduation Success Rate data released Wednesday by the NCAA showed a 1-percentage point increase from 2017, with similar increases among men's basketball players (3 percentage points, to 85) and FBS football players (1 percentage point, to 79).

Data was compiled for college athletes who entered school in 2011.

Graduation rates for black athletes were up 2 percentage points, to 79 percent. Black men's basketball players, who reached an all-time GSR of 78 percent last year, increased an additional 4 points in 2018, to 82 percent.

Since a series of academic reforms were passed by the NCAA from 2003-07, graduation rates for athletes have increased from 78 percent to 88 percent.


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