Are blue laws wrong or are we immoral?

October 3, 2009

Re: [Sept. 14] IBJ editorial: “State’s blue laws should be tossed,” in most cases I come down on the side of small business; so I am not even sure that I oppose this last vestige of our once-numerous blue laws being tossed. When I was a kid growing up in Kentucky, no business was conducted on Sunday at all. On a rare occasion my dad would load up the car and we would cross the river and shop in Indiana. That was a long time ago.

But as the article indicates, most states have changed their blue law stance, Kentucky included. The Kentuckians found they could no longer resist and followed their Hoosier neighbors into the brave new world. The sad part of this story comes from the comment: “The moral argument for banning such sales no longer holds water.” It could be rephrased this way: “Our morals have declined so much it just does not matter anymore.”

Is it true that morals have no place in business anymore? My dad always said that two wrongs don’t make a right. I wonder if that is still true. But what does he know? He did cross the river. Maybe we should all cross over together, where we can count on the fact that it could not be possible that all of us are wrong.


Mike Hutson

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