Carmel announces temporary agreement allowing The GOAT to resume evening hours

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The GOAT restaurant and bar in Carmel will be permitted to reopen during the evening after reaching an agreement with the city that bans live music and imposes other new requirements.

The agreement comes two days after Carmel officials began enforcing a variance that required The GOAT to close at 2:30 p.m. The bar at 220 E. 2nd St. SW had been staying open until as late as 3 a.m., and neighboring residents had complained about noise and public indecency, saying that customer were urinating and defalcating outside the bar.

The agreement is meant to last until the Carmel City Council considers a request to rezone the property along the Monon Trail to allow for later hours. A meeting on that rezoning is scheduled for Feb. 25.

“This will also give them the opportunity to show their commitment to be better neighbors and that they can coexist in this vibrant area of our city prior to the final vote on the variance in early 2021,” Mayor Jim Brainard said in a written statement. “We appreciate the input and patience of those who have expressed concerns and hope that they see an immediate difference.”

The agreement requires The GOAT operate from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Last call for food and beverages will be on hour prior to closing, the business’ noise levels must remain below 50 decibels and there may be no live music.

There can be no more than 40 patrons per toilet in compliance with standards in the State of Indiana Building Code, but the capacity may increase if more restrooms are added. The GOAT’s outdoor area must also remain closed unless its use is permitted by the proposed rezone.

On Monday, the Carmel City Council approved a new public urination and defecation fine to begin addressing issues at the bar. The city announced the next day that it would enforce the previously overlooked zoning restriction tied to the restaurant’s property that required The GOAT close every day by 2 p.m.

That variance had been approved for the location’s previous restaurant, Bub’s Cafe.

The GOAT is owned by Kevin and Megan Paul, who also own the Brockway Pub and Danny Boy Beer Works in Carmel. Kevin Paul previously told IBJ that the tavern’s hours have been 3 p.m. to 1 a.m., and that he would reopen for lunch under the variance requiring him to close at 2 p.m.

The agreement also outlines several security measures:

  • The bar’s operators must make sure patrons use only public streets, sidewalks and paths to access the premises; not neighboring private properties.
  • If necessary, The GOAT will be required to employ private security to ensure compliance with the requirements.
  • The GOAT will only be allowed one entrance on the east side of the building.
  • There must be a full-time bouncer at that entrance to ensure patrons are of legal age, prevent drinks from leaving the bar and to prevent loitering.
  • The bar will direct all ride sharing activities to the drop off/pick up point near Midtown Garage.

There were also several measures to ensure cleanliness, including a requirement that The GOAT install a hose to be used to clean up the area. The GOAT is now also responsible for collecting trash within a three-block area after closing each night.

The city’s Department of Community Services will be in charge of determining whether The GOAT is adhering to the agreement. Under the agreement, The GOAT’s owners have 24 hours to remedy any issues. If they do not do so, the city may force it to close immediately and may take legal action.

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14 thoughts on “Carmel announces temporary agreement allowing The GOAT to resume evening hours

  1. That’s hilarious: Requiring them to collect trash every night after closing within a THREE-BLOCK area? That would take hours…and what are they supposed to do, use flashlights all night long looking for cigarette butts and such?

    This is gonna be good…

  2. This is funny stuff for sure. Will interesting to see what the city does and does not do. Does anyone else find it a little ironic that on one hand the city is coming down hard on this establishment and on the other hand they are exploring the “use of waterways to land more liquor permits?” Does Carmel want to be the new Broad Ripple? It seems it really is all about the money as usual. They best be careful what they wish for …

    1. It’s completely ironic. Carmel has been building up it’s Downtown to cater to millennials for well over a decade now. I lived in Sophia Square right by this bar and most of us wanted more nightlife. If Carmel wants to cram millennials into its central core, you’re going to have issues like public urination, litter, and noise. I am still in my 20’s and don’t love those things, but don’t really let those things bother me since I live in a major city now. However, I feel like most Carmel residents will continue to hate that. I don’t think Carmel will ever be Broad Ripple or Meridian Street in Downtown Indy, but it seems to be turning into a suburban Mass Ave type of place.

  3. Carmel’s elitist days are coming. Send some Burmese
    Up their to live watch the lefties flip out and call the cops.
    Spanish workers are scared to death to be in Carmel most of the time.

    1. Lefties in Carmel? Are you kidding me? Carmel is the most Republican city in Indiana. Not only are you showing your ignorance, but your racism as well.

  4. I thought I posted this earlier, so I have no idea why it was deleted, save the fact that the IBJ moderator may be back at it, limiting remarks from right-of-center folks. I apologize if I forget to hit “POST COMMENT, which I may have.

    Anyway, Stephen P, Gregg F. is correct: Joe Biden got 51% of the Presidential Vote in the city of Carmel. Just the city proper; mind you; not all of Hamilton County, outlying unincorporated areas, etc; just Carmel proper. If there was ever a demographic who ought to appreciate Trump trying to protect America and free enterprise, you’d think “Carmelites” would be that group. But apparently not; 51% demonstrated their “ungraciousness” at the ballot box.

    1. Bob, there has never been a time, ever, when the IBJ moderator limited remarks from right-of-center folks, or from people of any political persuasion.