Carmel plans lawsuit against city of Minneapolis for security expenses

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The city of Carmel announced it plans to sue the city of Minneapolis for the costs the Indianapolis suburb has incurred as it has bolstered security to deal with protests and possible violence.

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard issued a written statement Monday saying the city has retained outside legal counsel and is planning to take action against Minneapolis for the negligence it displayed when city police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes following an arrest.

Brainard said he is seeking to recover costs associated with an increased police force he deployed Saturday in response to threats made on social media. Brainard pointed to windows broken at a Kohl’s store at 9895 N. Michigan Road as an example of vandalism that would not have occurred if not for the Minneapolis officers’ negligence.

“It is unfortunate that there are some who have taken advantage of the situation and escalated the peaceful civil protests into violent riots, where there is further loss of life, injuries and senseless destruction of public and private property,” Brainard said.

Thousands of people have protested in Indianapolis, with the events devolving into rioting that left smashed windows and looting across downtown. Other major cities have also experienced violence and vandalism.

Carmel has not experienced a significant number of problems, although Brainard said he quadrupled the number of officers on patrol in reaction to concerns about possible problems.

On Monday, Carmel officials were expecting a Black Lives Matter protest at 5 p.m. near Main Street and Range Line Road, according to The Current newspaper.

Brainard said other cities should join Carmel’s suit, which has not been filed. “Those in power need to understand the far-reaching consequences of their actions,” he said.

The city released a statement from Carmel Police Chief Jim Barlow, who expressed disappointment in the actions of the police in Minneapolis.

“Police departments are there to protect and serve all members of their communities. That means all its residents, business owners, employees, visitors and public and private property. We train our officers and reemphasize the importance of respect for the community,” Barlow said. “We rededicate ourselves to protecting the safety of those who want to express themselves, but will not hesitate to stop any illegal activities in our community.”

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32 thoughts on “Carmel plans lawsuit against city of Minneapolis for security expenses

  1. Seriously Mr. Mayor…..your considering suing Minneapolis!!?? This action by you…and of course others that may have been involved with this decision…could be taken entirely differently by SOME! I have lived in Carmel since 1964.

  2. What a joke. I’d believe it if their lawyers were working pro bono and any proceeds were given to benefit African Americans, starting with maybe IPS schools of whatever the AA community says is they’re most pressing need.

  3. wow … I’m speechless. Our city government has done some stupid stuff & this may be at the top of the list. Court system doesn’t have enough the deal with with virus Fallout and other real issues? This may be why many people are outraged with our lawmakers? White privilege????
    Good comment I heard from somebody over the weekend following a stupid comment “might be time to sit this one out”?
    Can’t believe you got re-elected

    1. There’s a lot recently from tone-deaf white guys that reads like Onion articles. Like clearing protestors for a Bible-toting photo-op.

  4. I think it’s bold and different. Let’s give credit where credit is due. It is rare for white leadership with a LOT at stake to not only empathize with those who’s experiences they cannot fully understand, but to offer reprimand and a possible solution too. I think it shows the Mayor’s humanity, and his desire to see change. As we all know, money talks. He’s hitting ’em where it hurts. If enough community leaders are bold enough to take similar action, perhaps the fear of financial retribution may be enough to force others to make decisions with integrity, even if their own consciousness won’t. I applaud you Mr. Mayor. I hope others join you.

    1. So, you think Carmel needs more money? Or just that more black people should die? Not really sure your point.

    2. Yep, a white bread, bad imitation of Disneyland community that has suffered So much from riots and social injustice… I don’t know whether to laugh Or cry at the irony.

  5. Personally, I like Mayor Brainard! However, an action like this, coming from a city that has the reputation of stopping blacks for driving while black is inappropriate.

    Indeed, I have friends who have had this happen to them in Carmel. This is not the best response to this very serious response by black people to over four centuries of oppression.

  6. To add…I am simply totally embarrassed for our elected officials … to even THINK ABOUT suing them!! How about an idea to HELP with America’s situation now that this so terribly sad and heartbreaking incident has finally erupted many folks into the MANY Thank God Peaceful actions taken so far…. and rightfully so…due to the actions of ONE particularly BAD COP…WITH THE HELP TOO of three others that would NOT help save Mr. Floyd!….Versus freaking legal action…AND with MY TAXES!! Mr. Brainard…you just made me more sick….as I already was…after seeing what happened to Mr. Floyd!
    And to think that I have always voted for you!

  7. With all due respect to Elizabeth….It is Bold and Different in the WRONG WAY. No exclamation point here…just give this action by our Mayor MORE THOUGHT PLEASE.

  8. Well this takes the cake. Those of us in downtown Indy have no stomach for your ridiculous nonsense. Carmel folks have been impacted very little, except when they drive downtown to their lawyer offices. They have the luxury of working from home though. Sit down and shut up you privileged pompous you-know-what.

  9. Is Carmel having financial trouble protecting their citizens??? Have they taken on too much debt financing their mayor’s special projects???

  10. Really?

    Here would be a much better response:

    “We, in Carmel, are part of the overall country. Though, we have not had violent and senseless blatant acts like what resulted in the death of George Floyd, we have all seen racism close to home. In Carmel, we made the choice to deploy additional law enforcement to reduce destruction of property and keep our citizens safe. Recent events have shed more light on how we as a community need to ensure we are welcoming of all—no matter their race, creed, sexuality, or any other differences. We will he examining all policies of our public safety officers to ensure we all start acting in a more dignified and respectful manner.”

  11. Mayor Brainard is not playing with a full deck. He will say the stupidest things to get attention. With 300-500 protesters a block from main street people are sitting out drinking & eating. It is obvious they are oblivious to the reality. This lawsuit thing is ridiculous.

  12. Mayor Jim “Nobrain”ard. Way to bring (unwanted) attention to your city and the citizens of your city just when you don’t need it. You’ve just put a big bullseye on Carmel and you should pay politically if there is destruction in the City.

  13. Wow. This may be the single dumbest thing to be uttered from any politician this year——and that is saying a lot. What an embarrassment.

  14. Talk about white privilege and a false sense of entitlement? Mayor, you should run for President so we can look forward to four more years of national embarrassment and nonsense. If the past several days should have taught you anything it’s that we need to work together to bridge gaps and heal, not create further divides. Rather than suing Minneapolis, use your time and energy and money to create a community of openness and welcoming in Carmel. Start to fill your committees and ranks with able people of color. Work on diversity. Work on integration. Work on inclusion. Finally recognize its time for you to step aside and let a younger and more open minded class of leadership step forward. Start building circles of trust. We have more than enough roundabouts.

    1. They could start by teaching their police not to stop African-Americans for DWB.

  15. Unbelievable. Hurtful. Lacks emphathy for the hurt all communities are facing due to our national failure to address the adverse social and economic Injustice populations of color continue to experience