Indiana reports 172 more COVID-19 deaths, rise in hospitalizations

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The Indiana State Department of Health on Tuesday reported 172 more deaths from COVID-19 and another increase in statewide hospitalizations due to the virus

The department reported 8,533 new COVID cases across the state, the second-highest number of new cases ever in the department’s daily report. The high mark was 12,020 cases on Dec. 30.

Indiana’s cumulative death toll from COVID-19 rose to 18,605. The seven-day average of deaths rose to 36 per day.

The health department said 3,207 people were hospitalized due to the virus as of Monday, an increase from 3,164 the previous day. That’s the highest mark since Dec. 9, 2020. The pandemic peak was 3,460, reached on Nov. 30, 2020.

COVID patients occupy 37% of Indiana’s intensive care unit beds. The state has only 10.2% of its ICU beds available overall.

More than 3.56 million Hoosiers had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Tuesday at 5 a.m. More than 1.4 million Hoosiers have gotten vaccine boosters.

The department said 59.4% of Indiana residents 12 and older are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 cases

*New COVID-19 cases: 8,533

Total cumulative cases: 1,286,590

COVID-19 deaths

New deaths: 172

Total cumulative deaths: 18,605

COVID-19 testing

New tested individuals: 8,384

Total cumulative tested individuals: 4,782,283

Cumulative positivity rate unique individuals: 26.6%

Cumulative positivity rate all tests: 9.2%

Seven-day positivity rate unique individuals: 30.4%**

Seven-day positivity rate all tests: 18.8%**

** The health department reports the 7-day positivity rates with a six-day lag to allow time for more comprehensive results.

County numbers

Marion County cumulative cases: 171,466 (increase of 1,684)

Marion County new deaths: 19

Marion County cumulative deaths: 2,383

Marion County 7-day positivity rate unique individuals: 38%

Marion County 7-day positivity rate all tests: 26.6%

Hamilton County cumulative cases: 60,250

Hendricks County cumulative cases: 30,186

Johnson County cumulative cases: 32,051

Madison County cumulative cases: 24,502

Boone County cumulative cases: 11,421

Hancock County cumulative cases: 15,579

Morgan County cumulative cases: 11,975

Shelby County cumulative cases: 9,858

COVID-19 vaccinations

Statewide totals (Dec. 14, 2020–Jan. 4, 2022)

First dose administered: 3,641,435 (daily increase of 4,863)

Fully vaccinated: 3,564,896 (daily increase of 3,422)

Booster doses: 1,410,652 (daily increase of 12,473)

Indiana intensive care unit usage

ICU beds in use by COVID-19 patients: 37%

Available ICU beds: 10.2%

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19 thoughts on “Indiana reports 172 more COVID-19 deaths, rise in hospitalizations

    1. I continue to be amazed every day that this info is not available. It’s like the government and healthcare industry are trying to out stupid each other.

    2. They can’t reply. They only seem to care if you are unvaccinated. I was in the hospital for 20 days and this was in September. Even then on most days the numbers admitted to ICU were about 50/50. On three days there were more vaccinated people going in than unvaccinated.
      Without treatments it can only get worse. For over a century we have always looked for and found treatments; now we don’t seem to care. Vaccines are not treatment, they are preventative medicine, but if that doesn’t work (which it is becoming obvious they are not) what then?

    3. So, Neil D., you say you were in the hospital for a long period of time and were getting daily updates on the vaccination status of your fellow patients? Really? Who was giving you this so-called data, because it certainly wasn’t the hospital or anyone in the know. I call BS on this attempt to misinform.

    4. Neil, your story sounds a bit fabricated. Vaccines do work…they greatly reduce (not eliminate) the risk of hospitalization and serious illness. Suggesting otherwise is factually false and a disservice to others.

  1. It’s difficult to feel sorry for people who get sick that are not vaccinated, these people are why it’s out of control again with another variant. Indiana is the most unsafe State. Not sure why Holcomb is not addressing this.

  2. Anyone dying out there? Seriously. Anyone dying without co-morbidity? Anyone under 70? Asking for a friend.

    Grade schoolers coming to emergency rooms with broken bones or an appendectomy with Covid still being counted as Covid hospitalizations? Fauci says so.

    If the vaccine is so effective, why is COVID spreading like wildfire in the vaccinated? Why is it spreading with people wearing masks? Only a fraction has boosters, are they catching it less fast? Hospitalized less often?

    Why are there no tests? Why is Fauci changing his mind about school closures? Why is the president? Why do kids have to wear masks in school? Has anyone under 18 every died from Covid, even with a precondition? Has anyone under 40 died from Covid without a pre-condition? Where are the flu deaths from last year? Show us the numbers, CDC. The real numbers. You can’t.

    1. To answer your questions… yes, people without comorbidities are dying, although comorbidities certainly increase the risk. Yes, people under 70 are dying, in lower numbers, but certainly well before they would have died otherwise. No, people coming to the ER with broken bones are not being counted as COVID hospitalizations, and in fact don’t usually get admitted anyway. You are reciting a common piece of misinformation. Yes, the omicron variant is infecting vaccinated people, but at still lower rates than unvaccinated. And yes, those vaccinated are hospitalized far less often. Very rarely, in fact, by comparison. Vast majority in the hospital with COVID are unvaccinated. Why are there no tests? That IS a good question, a definite government failure to plan. Why do kids have to wear masks at school? Because they do, indeed, help prevent spread of COVID. Yes, they do. They are not perfect, but they help. Has anyone under 18 died of COVID? Yes. Not as many as in older groups, but yes. Anyone under 40? Absolutely. Seriously, every question you raise has an answer, most of which do not support whatever point you are trying to make. Give it up!

    2. Ripped from the headlines:

      “A deputy district attorney and up-and-coming Republican political star in California’s Orange County has died abruptly after telling friends she contracted COVID-19.

      Kelly Ernby…was only 46 years old.”

      And unvaccinated.

    3. Steve – your response is not accurate and full of anecdotal talking points from the media.

      Ryan is asking for data, all of which is not transparent by the local hospitals or the CDC. If it was, the gig would be up.

    4. Steve, there’s no point.

      It’s little wonder the state of Indiana only bothers to update the data weekly that shows the vast majority of people ending up in the hospital are the unvaccinated. Because you give it to the neighsayers and it doesn’t even register. They’ve got another 15 conspiracy theories ready to bloom, thanks to their conservative media silo where claims like “the vaccinated will have their heads explode any day now” live. They’ve done their own research, but they’re blind to how little they know, so it’s useless.

      Omicron is here for them. The sooner they die on the sidewalks or in tents, the sooner this is all over for the rest of us.

  3. To the people who want to believe that most of the people in the hospital with COViD would be in the hospital for unrelated reasons even if they didn’t have COViD, please explain why overall hospitalization/ICU numbers rise every time there is a rise in positive COViD tests. Please help us all make sense of this.

  4. We swabbed over 200 today in Johnson Co. 78 positive. Few wear masks and multiple family members testing positive. One gets ill and no effort to quarantine at home. Some who bring others for testing but don’t test state “because, I don’t care”.
    1 in 10 who come inside for vaccinations don’t wear a mask and appalled we tell them this is a medical facility inside a Masonic Home with nearby high-risk patients and masks are required.

    1. Not surprising. I get looks when going out in public in JoCo (always with a mask on).

      But surely you’re aware of the low vax rate of Republicans generally…