Media group focusing on statehouse news expanding to Indiana

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A North Carolina-based network of not-for-profit news outlets that focuses on state government reporting plans to add Indiana as its 27th state market.

Built upon a philanthropic business model, States Newsroom reports on legislative developments at the state level. The organization is seeking experienced editors and reporters for its work in Indiana.

According to a 2014 Pew Research Center study, 30 percent of newspapers have reporters assigned to statehouse coverage.

“Statehouse news is rarely a profitable endeavor, but it is absolutely key to a healthy civic society,” States Newsroom director and publisher Chris Fitzsimon said in a prepared statement.

Indiana news publications and media groups with reporters already dedicated to statehouse coverage include IBJ, The Indiana Lawyer, The Indianapolis Star, Associated Press, Chalkbeat Indiana, (Fort Wayne) Journal Gazette, The Times (of northwest Indiana), The Indiana Citizen, Hannah News Service, WFYI-FM 90.1, WIBC-FM 93.1, WISH-TV Channel 8, Fox59/CBS4 and CNHI LLC, which represents several local newspapers. The Statehouse File, a news service staffed by Franklin College students, also covers state government.

Amelia Dieter McClure, the incoming executive director of the Hoosier State Press Association, said it’s a positive when Indiana residents have access to more news coverage.

“I think our current reporters are doing a wonderful job at the Statehouse,” McClure said. “We see few people doing a lot with fewer resources. Obviously, statehouse bureaus have shrunk more and more over the years. There does need to be more coverage, but we want to make sure everyone knows the people who are there now are doing really good work.”

Each States Newsroom outlet is led by an editor who has journalistic experience in their respective state. States Newsroom plans to expand to roughly 40 states by 2024.

The 501(c)(3) founded in North Carolina in 2019 is funded exclusively by contributions from readers and philanthropists.

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13 thoughts on “Media group focusing on statehouse news expanding to Indiana

  1. This is a good development. I have been following the Ohio redistricting debacle by reading the Ohio Capital Journal, the group’s outlet next door. OCJ reports these and other shenanigans well.

  2. This spells trouble for the Republican cartel that rules in the Indiana Statehouse. For years it has been able to do its deals in back rooms and bars, knowing that the local media lacked the time, experience, and resources to uncover nefarious misdeeds and shenanigans. Well boys, those days are numbered. Hallelujah!

    1. LOL, non-profit news exists to serve the interests of its wealthiest donors. Check the funding sources: the “contributions from philanthropists” are creating a front by which to peddle influence. This won’t move the marker one bit.

    2. The trouble for the Republican cartel is that the rural extremist wing of the party is tired of the moderate suburban GOP running things and the next governor’s race will be another showdown.

      Put another way, the crazies want to be in charge. Witness how many voted for Don Rainwater, a deeply unserious candidate for governor who ran as the temper tantrum candidate, in the last election.

      Suzanne Crouch, who might think she can run as Holcomb 2.0, is going to go nowhere. Our next governor is going to either be someone who plans on buying the seat like Hollingsworth or Braun because it worked before, or a spoiled brat like Rokita who plans on suckering people into thinking they’re “just like Trump”.

    3. Yeah, Joe B, those crazy rural extremist Republicans, working their asses off day by day while being dissed by the woke among us.

    4. Bob P. ~ Love the use of the word “woke” as though it’s an pejorative. Have you ever looked up the meaning of the word? In case you haven’t, it is defined as “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” As a white boomer raised by Depression-era, Goldwater-voting Republicans who taught me about equality and fairness, I take it as a compliment when called “woke.” Because if you’re not woke what are you? Ignorant and bigoted? Or just out of touch? It’s your choice, Bob.

    5. Woke = The way you look > Your character

      Woke = Identity Politics > Competent Philosophy

      Woke = equity (equal outcomes for all) > individual responsibility, hard work, and competence

      Woke us most certainly a bad thing unless you are COMMUNIST!

    6. Brent–
      “As a white boomer raised by Depression-era, Goldwater-voting Republicans who taught me about equality and fairness…”

      You live in a fantasy world. Equality is completely unattainable where liberty exists because we are not and never will be equal in our skills and physical capabilities. And fairness is something most wise parents teach their eight-year-olds does not exist, because it is always in the eyes and ego of the person screaming “unfair”…and to make it fair is going to inevitably disadvantage someone else.

      I’m sorry that you still have a third grader’s understanding of the world while being a Boomer. Very sad. But it is nice that you get to signal your virtue to your fellow woke-ists: truly the modern religion for mentally retarded people.

      With love, kindness, and empathy–
      A bigot. (No longer a pejorative. Because I say so. Sorry.)

  3. Interesting story and I was going to ask tongue in cheek if Rokita is going to let them in the press conferences, but the comment section has a Huff Post level of stupidity.