Vice President Kamala Harris to visit state legislators on Monday

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Vice President Kamala Harris plans to visit the Indiana state government complex on Monday to oppose legislation banning most abortions in Indiana.

It’s the same day a special legislative session kicks off addressing both abortion and a possible taxpayer refund.

A Republican proposal would ban abortion starting at conception–with the only exceptions being in cases of rape, incest, fatal fetal anomaly or to save the life of the mother.

The White House confirmed Harris will meet with state legislators and leaders “to discuss the fight to protect reproductive rights” during a roundtable.

The visit will shine a spotlight on Indiana, which is the first state legislature to debate a new abortion law in the post-Roe v. Wade world. The U.S. Supreme Court in June struck down abortion rights in Dobbs v. Jackson–sending the decision to the states.

Some states already had trigger bans in place and others plan to act soon.

Indiana has Republican supermajorities in both the House and Senate but there are splits within the GOP caucuses. Some feel the bill released doesn’t go far enough in terms of enforcement. Others feel it goes too far and would prefer allowing more access in the first trimester for all women, such as up to six or 12 weeks.

Senate Republicans especially have fractured and changes are expected quickly on the proposed Senate Bill 1 to address concerns from Indiana Right to Life and other pro-life groups.

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9 thoughts on “Vice President Kamala Harris to visit state legislators on Monday

  1. The Supreme Court (wisely) ruled that our federal government cannot dictate abortion law to the STATES.

    So our federal government’s Vice President (unwisely) decides to come to our STATE to tell OUR STATE how we should govern our STATE.

    Even though our STATE did not vote for her and the President and their approval rating in Indiana is abysmal. And this administration is so far left into Woke Authoritarianism that even Indiana’s own democrats find their philosophies abhorrent.

    This state is conservative and we believe in limiting the power of the feral government!!!

    1. Donnie W. those are your OPINIONS (unwise in my opinion). But, to be clear, Vice President Harris was invited to visit OUR state and attend the meeting by a member of the Legislature. The fact that it was a democratic member is irrelevant, given the fact there are people in Indiana, who elected that person to represent them. You can have your beliefs about abortion and, to use your word, as abhorrent as I find them to be, it’s not my choice – or yours – for a woman, or even a girl to make a decision about their own bodies and their own health.

  2. Talk about dividing people… Is she going to pull an AOC and get arrested? Geesh.

    Her presence could very well wind up pushing the reps preferring the most stringent restrictions into a hard-line stance instead of compromise.

    1. Yeah, right. Like they’re going to compromise.
      The reason the people in the Statehouse will ban it as much as they can is because they don’t think there’s enough Democrats to vote them out of their position but they KNOW there are enough Republicans to vote a boot licker (a different Republican) into their role.
      They won’t do what is right but they will do whatever they can to keep their office – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They’ve got just enough power to corrupt their soul and will do whatever keeps them in office. You want to see the “corrupts absolutely”? Look at Donald T. Rump – he got a taste of just about the most power you can get [legally] and look at how crazy he went!

  3. Regardless which side you’re on when it comes to abortions, Harris visit here is disingenuous to say the least. Anyone who knows anything about politics know that this is as political as it gets. The government is positioning its influence or trying to but in a state that didn’t vote for the current administration is interesting.Whats really going on here?

    1. This will be almost embarrassing as when Pence went to a colts game to turn around and leave

    2. Like how Trump butted himself into state certifications of election results? That’s pretty political too. Don’t act like all federal office holders, regardless of affiliation, don’t try to influence state politics.