VIEWPOINT: E-mail: a corporate conversation killer

P s y c h o l o g i s t Daniel Goleman, who popularized the term "emotional intelligence" with his series of best sellers on the subject, has a new book called "Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships." In it, Goleman focuses on the emerging field of social neuroscience and what it's revealing about the human brain being wired for interconnectedness with others. Notably, his observations concerning online communication should be of interest to anyone who...
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VIEWPOINT: To manage best, whisper while you work

In 1998, Robert Redford played the lead role in the film "The Horse Whisperer." Redford's character, Tom Booker, a Montana rancher (aka the horse whisperer), had a special way with horses, especially the traumatized kind. His quiet power of connection could rehab even the most troubled case. Although based on a novel, the movie shed light on an actual equestrian training technique that focuses on a deep understanding of horse psychology to effectively communicate with the creatures. And now that...
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VIEWPOINT: 'Eating our young' as a way of mentoring?

I recently came across an insightful publication by the Center for the Development of Peace and Well-Being at the University of California, Berkley, called Greater Good. One article especially caught my attention: "Inspiring Good Work" (spring-summer 2005 issue) by researchers Wendy Fischman and Howard Garner, of Harvard University's GoodWork Project. As highlighted in the article, the GoodWork Project's research, under way for the past decade, has revealed that young people leaving college and embarking on their professional careers are finding...
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VIEWPOINT: Unleash your employees' service potential

As anyone in the field of emergency management will tell you, the regrettably sluggish governmental response to the Hurricane Katrina natural and manmade disaster boils down to the argument over jurisdictions (a perennial challenge in the world of emergency management) and a gross lack of execution. As a result of the governmental infighting and dearth of critical decision-making in the early stages of this catastrophe, American citizens were victimized. People suffered, people died. In the analysis of the Hurricane Katrina...
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