Shrinking revenue puts Ballard in hot seat

A drop in local income-tax revenue could put Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard between a familiar political rock and hard place as he faces re-election. Next year’s budgets must be approved in October, when Ballard’s race with Democratic challenger Melina Kennedy will be in the home stretch.

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Startup takes on abandoned homes in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is in the early stages of expanding the practice of land banks, which allow government agencies and not-for-profits to take over tax-foreclosed properties and put them back into productive use,. Land banks have shown positive results in states such as Michigan and Ohio.

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Bush Stadium fixup fans tax tensions

The city plans to tap a taxing district downtown to help pay for the Bush Stadium renovation, rekindling concern among some elected officials and taxing experts that the Mayor’s Office is using the massive district to fund whatever special city needs crop up.

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