How to lose the midterms and re-elect Trump

Dear Robert De Niro, Samantha Bee and other Trump haters: I get that you’re angry. I’m angry, too. But anger isn’t a strategy. Sometimes it’s a trap. When you find yourself spewing four-letter words, you’ve fallen into it. You’ve chosen cheap theatrics over the long game, catharsis over cunning. You think you’re raising your fist […]

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The utter inconsequence of Hillary’s veep

I doubt that Hillary Clinton really wants to run with Elizabeth Warren—I doubt that she fully trusts her—but if that’s her calculated decision: mazel tov. They sure were fiery together last week, two blue devils raring to bedevil Donald Trump. Tim Kaine is totally sensible, mostly safe and a bit of a snooze: the aspirin […]

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Hidden gold in college applications

If the gatekeepers at Davidson College had judged the teenager by her ACT score, she probably wouldn’t have gotten in. It was 25 out of a possible 36, and more than three-quarters of the students at Davidson, a liberal-arts school in North Carolina with about 1,800 undergraduates and an acceptance rate of just over 20 […]

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