Walking solves many issues; why do we make it hard?

Some neighborhoods have no sidewalks, crumbling sidewalks or sidewalks that don’t connect to places people need to go, such as school, work, stores or transit stations. We focus our infrastructure on automobiles, not walkers or people in wheelchairs or on bikes.

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VOICES FROM THE INDUSTRY: State buildings to go green thanks to executive order

Green construction projects in Indiana are becoming more the norm than the exception. More office buildings, schools and universities and even residences are being designed and constructed to improve environmental efficiency. And now, new and renovated state buildings will be a whole lot greener, too. Gov. Mitch Daniels signed an executive order this summer establishing the Energy Efficient State Building Initiative, mandating that all new state buildings be designed, constructed and operated for maximum energy efficiency. This is significant for…

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VIEWPOINT: Cookie-cutter schools: a fatally flawed idea

What would happen if Congress passed a law requiring every U.S. statehouse to use the exact same building design? And that every city hall, every fire station and library must be built from a canned design? Imagine being told that, from now on, every house in the state would have the exact same design, so homeowners could spend less on design costs. It sounds crazy to think one design fits all, but that’s exactly what lawmakers are considering for educational…

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