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Ohio's urban casino future

November 4, 2009

Ohio residents looking to be separated from their bank accounts via one-armed bandits won't have to cross borders soon, thanks to a vote yesterday. See story here.

Anyone surprised by this vote might also be shocked to learn that many theater companies will be staging "A Christmas Carol" next month

Indiana casinos, of course, will feel the impact. But could that impact have been mitigated if our casinos had, during their relatively competition-free grace period, done more to develop themselves as destinations beyond the slot machines? In hindsight, was the "oasis" strategy of putting casinos in less-populated areas counter to what the market really wants? Will you be more likely to stop into a Cleveland or Columbus casino simply because you are more likely to find yourself in Cleveland or Columbus than you are in Hammond or French Lick?

And what can Indiana casinos do now to retain and, if possible, actually grow their audiences?

Your thoughts?


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