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You-review-it Monday

January 10, 2010

Who can complain about a weekend that included some of the region's finest musicians performing a Bob Dylan tribute concert (stretching from 7 to nearly midnight) and a hilarious revival of "The Foreigner" at Beef & Boards?

Round it out with Dance Kaleidoscope at the IRT and the confessional "My First Time" at Theatre on the Square and, well, let's just say I didn't have a whole lot of downtime.

What's great is that there was more going on that I could get to. I missed, for instance, the opening of the Emily Kennerk exhibition at Christopher West Presents and Bill Harley telling stories at the Indiana History Center's Basile Theatre.

I'll be writing about the aforementioned events this week. In the meantime, what did you see, hear or do this weekend?

Your thoughts?

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