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IU study: It's action we like, not violence

February 11, 2010

Americans love violent TV, right?

Well, according to conclusions drawn by Joseph Weaver and Barbara Wilson of Indiana University from a study of 400 college students, it's not the violence, but the action that pulls us in.

They edited episodes of such high-adrenaline shows as "24,"  "Oz" and "The Shield" so that one version kept the graphic content, another kept the action but toned done the blood and guts, and a third trimmed the violence down.

Surprise: The viewers of the less-violent versions liked the shows more than those that were more graphic. More info on the study here.

Does this surprise you at all? Is television too violent not just for kids, but for adult enjoyment? Have you ever gotten to a point where you shut off a program because violence took it beyond your entertainment comfort level?

Your thoughts?

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