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Vonnegut Library gets a home. So it goes.

Anyone up for a game of 'General Headquarters?'

March 30, 2010

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library now has a home and it promises to be more than just a granfalloon. 

The Senate Ave. space formerly occupied by the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art will soon be home to exhibitions, a gift shop, a gallery, and small events. See the IBJ story here.

I think just about anyone who has dabbled in fiction, as a writer or a reader, over the past half century has been influenced by  Vonnegut. And it's good to see the city embrace his legacy.

My hope isn't just that the organization and the library thrive, but that, selfishly, I'll one day get a chance to play "General Headquarters," the board game that Vonnegut designed but was never manufactured.

Your thoughts?

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