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You-review-it Monday: Bands of America, Blue Man Group, etc.

November 15, 2010

With Bands of America's Gradn national Championship hitting full musical blast at Lucas Oil Stadium, Blue Man Group doing its thing at Clowes Hall, Spirit & Place and the Ann Katz Festival of Books going strong, and Bugs Bunny joining the ISO, there were lots of choices this weekend. 

Me, I caught the finals of the first and the last peformance of the second. And while some out-of-my-control elements forced me to cancel my date with Bugs and company, I did make it out to the Noises open-mic at the White Rabbit Cabaret in Fountain Square (to listen, not to sing). 

More on all of those here or in the print IBJ. In the meantime, what did you do, see, or hear this weekend? When you weren't celebrating a Colts victory, of course.

Your thoughts?

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