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You-review-it Monday: Special Oscars edition

February 28, 2011

The last few days have included the Indianapolis Opera's 'Basile at Basile" concert (including a charming tribute to Oscar-winner Celeste Holm--see post here), a Cabaret at the Columbia Club concert by Andrea Marcovicci, and a short performance by Actors Thetre of Indiana, soon to be the professional resident company at the new Studio Theatre at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel (Looking forward to ATI's upcoming production of "Chicago" there). And while I didn't make it down to Bloomington in person, I did appreciate being able to watch the live streaming IU Opera's "Faust" on my computer. 

It was also, of course, Oscar weekend--the Super Bowl for the rest of us.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the awards and the show itself. To get things started, here are some excerpts from my on-the-spot comments tweeted from my outside-IBJ @louharry twitter address about the show, the movies, and even the commercials. (For IBJarts tweeets, go to, of course, @IBJarts.)


--Who will go home with Oscar tonight, they ask. Well, I hope its Ms. Mayer.


--If they are doing adult versions of Red Riding Hood, is the next thing children's versions of Last Tango in Paris and I am Curious (Yellow)?

--Natalie Portman looks terrified on the red carpet. Maybe she sees Robin Roberts' beak.

--I just want Christian Bale to do his 'Newsies' dance when he wins.


--Nicole Kidman looking less scary than the last few years. Good for her.

--Note to G. Paltrow: You are going to the Oscars. You don't have to dress as an Oscar. 


--Wonder if the ballet shot is really in 'The Adjustment Bureau' or just edited in to lure the 'Black Swan' crowd.

--When the Green Room is a set, it's not a Green Room. 


--Halle Berry says she's going to be in a B'way show. Hey reporter: How about asking, oh, WHAT BROADWAY SHOW SHE'S GOING TO BE IN?

-- Berry will be in a play called The Mountaintop, FYI. Just filling in the blanks. 


--Annoying when the Oscars become about the Oscars instead of the movies.

--Shouldn't they hand Sorkin the award while he's walking up the aisle and follow him with a steadycam?

--Alas, no 'Newsies' dance from Christian Bale.

--Best Sound should have gone to me, yelling at the computer when I found out 'Never Let Me Go' wasn't nominated for anything. 


--Hoping Melissa Leo's Heartland FF-screened "The Space Between" gets a little more attention thanks to her award.


--I can't quite get myself to say the phrase "Academy Award nominated film 'Tron: Legacy.'" 


--'God of Love' wins Best Dramatic Short. You saw it first at the Indianapolis International Film Festival.

--The thunderstorm warning image at the bottom of the screen is more interesting than the show, sorry to say. 


--Okay, fun idea to musicalize the movies in comedy segment. Of course, it would be better if there were just more musicals. 


--Billy Crystal now shows us how good the show could have been. 


--But, unfortunately, it's back to being about the Oscars instead of about movies. 


--The cool thing about those 'Inception' SFX guys picking up their award? One of those Inception special effects guys is actually in Cleveland. 


--Don't just blame host James Franco. Blame the writers, too. 


--If Paltrow gets to play a country singer, I want to see Reba in 'Proof.'


--Worst moment of the night: Popping Celene Dion into the middle of the memorial montage. 2nd worst moment. Dion being there at all.

--Coach is in the locker room having a little talk with James Franco right now. 


--'King's Speech': Good movie, but not the best directed movie of the year. Far from it. 


--Thanks for the clips of the Honorary awards ceremony—giving us a look at an entertaining show we should have been watching.


--If you like Jeff Bridges, do yourself a favor and watch 'Cutter's Way.'


--Ryan Gosling--Best not-nominated performance of the year.

--Best performance by a presenter trying to act surprised: Jeff Bridges awarding Natalie Portman 


--Colin Firth wins. That makes one Academy Award win for former cast members of 'What a Girl Wants.'

--Best Picture: 'The King’s Speech'--a lock when it won Best Director. And off to bed.


So share your thoughts on the show...or something else you did this weekend.

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