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You-review-it Monday

April 11, 2011

The weekend, for me, was anchored with a trip to Bloomington to see IU Opera's world premiere production of "Vincent." I'll have more to say about it in an upcoming column. I also spent some front-porch time finishing reading Simon Callow's "On Being an Actor," a 25-year-old book that's as insightful now as when it was written. (Don't know Callow? He's the stage vet best known to moviegoers for his performances in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Shakespeare in Love.")

Oh, and Friday morning called me to the Thornton Dial symposium at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. While some was heavily academic (there are only so many times a layperson can hear phrases like "ontological totality" without shutting down), much of the rest was insightful and interesting. I wish other obligations didn't keep me from being there the entire day. 

What about you? Did you get to the Joffrey Ballet at Clowes? See storyteller Beth Horner? Join Tchaikovsky for a night with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra?

What did you hear, see or otherwise experience this weekend?

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